Sunday, June 26, 2011

THe Mt. Pico de Loro Adventure

Somebody said that every day should be treated as your last one because you don’t foresee what will happen the following day. Indeed for a person, who doesn’t mind to live a shorter life but had enjoyable experiences in his heyday, would find that idea fit perfectly. So when every good opportunity knocks on the door, it should not be missed. Hence, this is my story on my unforgettable trek in Pico de Loro Mountain in Ternate, Cavite last August 29, 2010.

I was the first one signed up for this trip and the one who suggested the said date. Ironically, when that date arrived, I was the last to get at our meeting place being almost three hours behind schedule. In fact, they were already in the bus and on their way to Cavite when I caught them. Of course, I was not spared from the jokes and harsh comments which eventually faded away. After travelling for a couple of hours aboard in a junior bus, we reached our destination.

While in the jump off point, I could feel the excitement rushing to the veins of the ten law students, who opted to skip reading law books and SCRA in exchange for fun and excitement. Days after we finish all our Mid-terms, it would be much better to unwind for
awhile. However, come to think of it, I was dead wrong. Together with two experienced mountaineers who acted as our guides in this, we started our voyage to the top. Being this my second mountain climb for as many months, I felt that I have the know-how of this activity so I decided to be the second to the last at the start of the line. Thinking, it would be much easier. Again I was wrong.

The reason was that Sheena, who was the main star of this trip, was in my front. Imagine Ogie Alcasid’s Angelina character in Bubble Gang and you would see the picture crystal clear. Going to the mall unprepared is one thing but climbing a mountain for your first time is a different one. Wearing short shorts and carrying two paper bags aside from her Jansport knapsack would not give you the impression of climbing a mountain but a stroll in the mall would be a much better idea. If an award would be given to her that would be the PSG Award but I will not tell you what it is (for fear of being murdered). In my lifetime, I’m sure that I only annoyed a handful of people but Sheena was simply Sheena. She brutally annoyed eleven people including our two guides. If I were to choose who to bring, I would rather bring my grandmother than her. But even I could not find positive adjectives about her during the hike; she was alright because she gave us something to talk about.

If there someone to be pointed fingers at, that person is the guy who look like Ang, the Last Air Bender. This event would not happen without Raffy, the most experienced hiker in our group. He was in charge of this whole adventure and the one who convinced us to take this adventure. He led us in every inch of the way. He is also the one to blame for the scratch and bruises I endured because if not for his encouragement I will not suffer such injuries. On the other hand, he is also to thank for the memorable experience I got for the whole trip including the chance of seeing something majestic.

In which case, I did not have had because we reached the peak at around 4 in the afternoon and it was covered of fog. Luckily, there was moment of clearing that we able to see the ocean and land around the mountain. Unfortunately for me, it was not the one I’m looking for because it lacked the grandiosity or regal vision I so desire. But the panoramic view from there relieved the tiredness of my mind and body. Getting to the top is always not easy, try to climb a mountain about 664 above sea level and you would get the same result. For a guy with hypertension and low potassium level that would cause cramps, mountain climbing should not be his hobby, but being myself, I will do the contrary and not give up easily.

Sure, I easily get tired. It was difficult for me to climb particularly the assault in the peak of the mountain. Sweat was all around my body. I could feel that I would collapse for any moment but perhaps due to will and determination I able to withstood the obstacles I go through which is not different from my present situation. I don’t mind I fell down to the mud three times going back down because I got up four times.

Speaking of falling down and mud, those words would link to Megan and MC. Given that they are neophytes in this kind of field, it’s understandable that they would slide down and encounter trouble the rest of the way. There are Seven Wonders of the World, Seven Sacraments, and Seven books of Harry Potter and finally, there are the seven slides to the mud of Megan. I think it’s sort of a record in our group, as a result an achievement of sort for him. But given the number of times he fell down, he still continued and pushed through on his journey. And that is the real achievement. On the other hand, MC was silent throughout the hike seemingly minding his own business and tried not to bother everyone. So he thought. MC’s companion for most of the time especially the hard ones was Megan. The latter is the one who can really opined about the former’s feat.

Prior to Megan, Erwin was the previous record holder of sliding to the mud with four in our trek in Mt. Batulao. Disappointingly, he did not endure such embarrassment in this edition. Thanks mostly for his past experience and being in front. On the contrary, Dennis had his share of falling down but this one was frightening. It was already dark and can only see through flashlights when it happened. He was the one behind me, when suddenly he unable to make ground on his step due to the muddy outskirts of the mountain, he stumbled down to the cliff. Fortunately for everybody, he was able to grab a root from a tree similar to the ones in the movies. Aside from that, he was the superman of the group. Imagine carrying a ton of load mostly belonging to Miss Bratinella and still he did not break a sweat. It was awesome.

Another amazing story is Weng. She was like an Amazon warrior because of her strength to go on with the journey. I never saw pressure in her during our 13 hour trek. She even impliedly volunteered to be Sheena’s buddy throughout this adventure. It was a remarkable performance in her part. Meanwhile, the two other girls were impressive as well. Also, being first timers, Ara and Hydee showed it otherwise. There were no signs they were beginners as they were leading us the way down. Ara even helped me for quite a few instances during the climb up as well as the way down. The other shocking experience belonged to Hydee, who felt she will be having Ehra Madrigal’s gorgeous body when we reached civilization again. It was also already darkness when she unknowingly tried to summersault in the cliff. Luckily a tree was there to rescue her. Admiringly, she immediately rose from her fall as if nothing happened. That is heroic for me.

Without a doubt, this adventure was grueling long enough for all of us. I don’t care I was hurt, tired and hungry throughout our escapade of sorts. What really matter is that I enjoyed this whole experience and cannot wait for another trek in the mountain.

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