Friday, January 11, 2013

Mt. Amuyao Itinerary and Expenses

Mt. Amuyao
Barlig, Mt. Province



Day 0
2000 Assembly at Cable Bus Tour in E. Rodriguez, Q.C.
2030 ETD for Bontoc, Mt. Province

Day 1
0830 ETA Bontoc/ Breakfast
1200 ETD for Barlig, Mountain Province, via jeep
1430 ETA Macalama, Barlig. Lunch before trek.
1530 Start Trek (may be deferred if sun's heat too intense)
1830 ETA Barlig Viewpoint (~2400 MASL)
2100 ETA Summit. Either camp outside or stay at bunkhouses.
2200 Dinner / socials

Day 2
0500 Wake-up Call / Breakfast
0700 Start descent
0845 Back at Barlig Viewpoint
1200 Back at jump-off point; lunch.
1300 Take jeep/van to Bontoc.
1500 Back in Bontoc: ETD to Cubao

Day 3

0300 ETA Cubao


Bus: 650.00 one way (1,300 round trip)
Jeep to Barlig (60.00)
Van to Bontoc: 200.00


Guide is recommendable but in our case we did not hire someone to guide us. We just followed the electric cable lines up to the summit.

First trip to Barlig via jeepney is 12 noon.
Last Trip to Bontoc via jeepney is 11 am.

According to some post; there is a 100.00 fee on the usage of the bunker, however, nobody charged us a single centavo.

This itinerary is applicable for small groups on a tight budget only.

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