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Mt.Pico de Loro: A Mudless Fun Climb

January 27, 2012

Pico de Loro
Ternate, Cavite

When I went to Pico de Loro recently; I had three certainties.

1. I'll have trouble making to the monolith without a rope.
2. I'll end up with another traumatic experience there like the first three times.
3. There are no water source at the campsite or summit.

When I return from Pico de Loro; I have one certainty:

1. Climbing Pico de Loro is fun without the mud.

Yes, just like you, I was confused. My fourth climb in Pico de Loro was a very confusing hiking experience.

I think I had much fun this time!

I have been to this mountain every year since I started this endeavor in 2010. So I had my annual tradition this year on a forecasted cloudy Sunday weather.

Before the climb

It was indeed cloudy at the start of the day. We begin our trek few minutes after seven in the morning. Unlike the first three times; the trail had no sign of any mud as it was dry and solid to step on. Another thing relatively new to me was the yellow marks painted on the trees along the trail.

It's like going to Oz with out the brick road but the yellow mark trees

It took us only half an hour when reached the base camp. We registered again. I went near the house to get water when I was surprised that the water source has a faucet already and there's also a shower room established.

Look we were having fun

After taking some photos, we resume our trek. As far I recall, there at least four river crossing but there were none on that day. The stream was dry and no trace of water can be seen.

It used to have water there

Another thirty minutes have gone when we reached the fork trail to the mountain and the falls. We rested there for a bit before resuming our journey.

Follow the Light

From the Alibangbang station up to the campsite; we have came across with mountaineers on their way descend to the jump-off. They were so many that I lost my count. So to speak, I mentioned a lot of good morning sir and ingat a countless times during our ascend. During that span there were even old hikers that a little bit tipsy or had hangover still.

When we reached the campsite, I was surprised to what I discover there. A store in resemblance to the 7-11 store in Maculot was set-up there to sell refreshments to fellow hikers. I might say the price is reasonable there as a bottle of mountain dew cost thirty pesos while a Red Horse Grande bottle cost a hundred pesos each.

Bili na kayo!
Then we were of to the summit. As expected a steep assault was waiting for us. However, I did not have any trouble on my ascend perhaps due to my previous three stints there or my improved endurance brought my consistent climbing. When I reached the summit, I was so happy to enjoy the glorious view it bestow.

This is how you descend from the summit
It does not end there as another obstacle to pursue; the monolith. I have been there once and it almost cost my life but being a "buhis-buhay" adventurer I have to do it again. I was certain that there were no rope to use there as told by the hikers I asked while I was on the trail. However, there was a rope tied there to be use by one who dare to climb the monolith.

Super Mountaineer!
While the others were still up to the summit; I went there first. As a result, I was there by my lonesome. Alone but happy. Just me and Mother Nature. Away from the problems in civilization. No glimpse of frustrations. I forgot for awhile the fate of my friends who were retrenched from our company. It was ironic that during that moment; I had  clear mind even if there was an unclear future waiting for me upon my return to reality. Perhaps this is the reason I enjoy climbing mountains; it clears my mind even for just momentarily.

All Alone

Then two mountaineers came and ruin my emo moment. Afterwards, the rest of my group arrived there. We had a blast there as we made crazy stunts for a ridiculous photo session at the top of the mountain.

We were there for a long time. As a result, we had our lunch at 2 in the afternoon. Hungry and tired, still it was all worth it especially after seeing all the photos. By three in the afternoon, we made our descend. In less than two hours, we made it back in the DENR station.

On our way home

Meet the Survivor Six



Phil (the Author)


Thank you to Dada for the photos as well for organizing the climb
Thank you to sir Kicks, Kuya Tootz, Ma'am Gem and Dennis for accompanying me in this hike

See you next time Pico de Loro!

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  1. Great write-ups again Phil... Thanks to all of you guys. see you in our next climb. God bless.

    1. Your Welcome... see you again in the mountain....

  2. Pico de Loro is one of my favorite mountains to climb. Sobrang enjoy umakyat dito! Great shots on the parrot's beak! Galing! :)

    1. I agree! :) Super enjoy, and great shots you got there sir!