Monday, September 12, 2011

Guimaras: A Place of Worthwhile Vacation

Where can you find a receptionist of a province? Yes, you read it right. There is no typographical error here. During the long weekend, I was astonished that there was a lady there in the front desk giving information about their province. This place is about 15-30 minute boat ride from Iloilo City. This province is Guimaras.

Arrival at Jordan Port. No, it's not owned by MJ.

Guimaras is known for its mangoes and its beaches. Unfortunately, we just experienced the latter because  the former are seasonal. But we able to see some place there like the smallest plaza in the country, its provincial capitol and the famed Trappist Monastery.

My ego is bigger than this plaza. (Just kidding)

No, I'm not with a monk.

After the 45-minute tricycle ride (Yes, we rode a trike for PhP250.00), we arrived in Alubihod town. We stayed in Raymen's Beach Resort. It boasted nipa huts, fan rooms, and air-conditioned room. We took the air-con room. It was no 5-star accommodation but it was worthwhile. When I saw the beach I was amazed by its clearness and calmness. I could attest that it is not a dump like famous beaches in our country. The water was clean. As proof, I did not have any rashes (my skin is sensitive. LOL.)

It could pass as a Billboard Ad in EDSA.

I wished Michael Phelps was here. He would love here.


  1. wow!na-miss ko tuloy bigla ang guimaras...hope to go back again - this time sana walang bagyo pagbalik ko :)

    1. I hope na makabalik kayo at maganda ang panahon sa pagbalik ninyo. It's definetely one of the places na sarap balikan. thanx for reading and following my blog...