Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mt. Banoi Itinerary and Expenses

Mt. Banoi
Lobo, Batangas

Actual Itinerary

0500 Meet up in Buendia, Pasay
0545 Board Bus to Batangas City Grand terminal
0700 Arrive at Grand Terminal; Ride Jeepney to Balagtas
0730 Ride Trike to Lobo bound jeepney terminal
0800 Board jeepney bound to Lobo Town
0900 ETA Lobo, Register at police station; Ride Trike to sitio Malibnog
0930 ETA Sitio Malibnog jump-off
1100 ETA Malibnog Village
1230 ETA Two Towers Peak; Lunch
1330 Start Descent
1410 ETA Village
1530 Back at Malabnig chapel; Ride trike back to town proper
1600 Tidy up; Ride jeepney bound to Batangas city
1700 ETA Batangas City, ride bus at grand terminal
1930 ETA Manila

Actual Expenses

Bus to Tambo Exit: 125.00
Bus to Grand Terminal: 27.00
Jeep to Balagtas: 12.00
Trike to Jeepney terminal: 10.00
Jeep to Lobo: 53.00
Trike to Sitio. Malibnog: 10.00
Trike to Town Proper: 10.00
Jeep to Batangas City: 53.00
Jeep to Grand Terminal: 10.00
Bus to Alabang: 113.00


  1. I have A friend name philip. He has a profile same as yours. He also climbed Mt. Banoi same date as yours. Do you think your the guy that I'm talking. My newly organized group will be there at Mt. Banoi on April 14, 2013. Tnx for your blog. Ana

  2. Haha. Mam Ana, Unknown Backpacker is no other than Philip. :-)

  3. sir tanong ko lang po, gano kalaki po un capacity ng camp site ng banoi?
    mga ilang tents (2-3 persons) ang kakasya?

    thanks po and merry CHRISTmas :)