Monday, July 23, 2012

Mt. Maculot (At long last)

Mt. Maculot is one of the popular dayhikes in the country. It is no wonder even on a Sunday, there are alot climbing the mountain. However, the irony here is that it took me almost twenty climbs (19th to be exact) before I reached Maculot. My group had been here last year but I was not able to accompany them because I was in Albay. Early this year, I had an invite but had to passed due to my work obligations. So when I plan a hike on this mountain on the first of July, I had no hesitations even though I had problems at work. 

The trail to the Rockies is not easy nor difficult. It is quite a moderate trail. No guide is required but there is a fork along the trail that you should take the left side onwards to the down trek of the mountain. Then another fork will be met and one should take the right side. The rest is a direct path towards to the mountain.

unloading the spaghetti while still going up

The view at the rockies is splendid even some portion is blocked by the mountain's peak. The Taal is seen in front and it was both elegant and scary at the same time. Elegant because the view was a close encounter with the volcano and it is also the reason why it is scary.


  1. yan din po first climb ko mt. maculot

  2. can i join one of your climb sir?:)

  3. No Problem sir... pwedengpwede kau sumama... Pico de Loro dayhike kami sa sept. 2.. o kaya sa Mt. Tagapo on Sept. 16-17.. just pm ur contact number... if youre interested..

  4. email me at sayang d ko na nabsa comment nyu :) next time sir sama ako