Monday, December 31, 2012

Batulao Overload

July 8, 2012

Mt. Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas

After our climb in Talamitam, a few of us went to its sister, Batulao to spend the night there. Only a couple of months ago when me and Noli went here as part of a twin day hike but here I am climbing my favorite mountain anew. Noli, Ben and I were the first ones to arrive at Evercrest. We ate lunch there and minutes later Ben's two friends came. Then came Ben's idea of bringing ice and beer to the mountain. It was crazy but cool so we all agreed to the plan.

We all took are turns to carry the ice box until we reached the camp site in the old trail. It was not easy like we imagined. Still, the pleasure of having ice cold beer at the top was in my mind to ease the pain.

One usual stopover was the halo-halo break. I chatted with the locals and realized they have moved to a new location because it was not there when I came there the first time.

Two hours later and about sunset, we reached the camp and rested there. It was already dark when the second group had arrived. As it turned out, Tootz, Dada and Rein to have a night trek.

The next day was like yesterday in terms of weather as it was hot and sunny when we made our turn to the new trail as well as in our descend. Again, we made separate groups as the latter three decided to stay there for awhile.

After spending our lunch in Mendez, Cavite, we all call it a day and went home safe and sound.

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