Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Traumatic Experience at Pico de Loro

September 2, 2012

Pico de Loro
Ternate, Cavite

One of the mountains that is special to me is Mt. Pico de Loro because all of my climbs there were memorable and near traumatic experiences for me. This climb was as special as the previous ones.

The commute to Ternate was difficult because a bridge in Maragondon was damage and needed to be repair. Hence, big vehicles like buses couldn't pass it. So we alight in Maragondon and crossed the said bridge by foot and rode a tricycle enroute to Ternate. Then took another trike to the DENR post that serves as the jump-off point. We were early but the problem was we were waiting for four more. And so we waited for more than an hour or so before they arrived.

After some introductions, we were off to the mountain. The trek was a long one due to lot of stops caused by photo-ops. We even took our lunch at the fork between the falls and to Pico itself.

At last, we reached the campsite. Because it was late, we were the only ones there. Only me, sir Dennis and Noli made it to the summit because the rest were too tired to go up. Even it was my third time there, I was still able to climb it without any ease. However, the view up there is still breath taking like the first time but this was special because it felt we own the mountain with nobody were around but us.

Sunset was nearing so we were a little bit in a rush as we were racing against time because we have no flash light with us. But the inevitable happened, darkness came and we were still at the trail. As a result, we were lost. Fortunately an old man so us and led us to back to the concrete road. Of course, his help had a fee but id did not matter as long as we are safe and back to civilization.

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