Monday, December 31, 2012

Manalmon - Gola Twin Dayhike

July 15, 2012

Mt. Manalmon
San Miguel Bulacan

The rate I am going I thought I would never had the chance to be woth my old buddies but fate decided it will not happen. My group LMS decided to spend our second anniversary at Mt. Manalmon in San Miguel, Bulacan. Only Raffy, Dennis, Mark, and Vina were my companions.

I've been there once so I was charge to take the lead. Our itinerary was a little late but did not matter because of the fast legs of my companions. The weather was a little bit chilly due to the rain the day before but the sun was also present during that day.

My former guide was busy handling another group but he was genourous enough to talk with the other handler to gave us a discount for our twin dayhike. The first mountain was Manalmon. It ony 198 Meters above sea level and we made the easy trail ascend to its top. However, the water in the river is almost knee deep high so we were a little bit wet crossing the river.

Reaching the peak was not difficult like the first time I did it, it was relatively easy as we only rest when we were taking pictures. After some photo-ops and little chat at the summit, we moved ahead to Mt. Gola. It is just located across the river and facing Manalmon. Again we have to cross a river and it is now knee- deep high. The trail of Gola is not hard except to the 90 degree rocky path.

Mt. Gola
San Miguel, Bulacan
At the top of Gola is not as beautiful like Manalmon as it only boast around 180 degrees of view. Nevtherless, it is fun to reached a new mountain around this area.

At around 1 pm we reached the jump-off and supposed to have a spelunking at Bayukbok. However, I was tired so I begged off and the others were not in the mood as well so they instead swam at the river. We

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