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An Idiot's Guide on How to Survive Mt. Amuyao

September 16-17, 2012

Mt. Amuyao
Barlig, Mountain Province

I could not even know where to begin my story. This adventure was not supposed to come in frution. Due to an ever persitent sir Dada the hike was able to push through even we were only four. Yes, four and that means public transport is our means of getting there.

The bus ride to Bontoc is a grueling 12-hour sojourn. I've been to long rides before but this one was different because it is my first time to get there. When we reached the provincial capital, we look for the terminal enroute to the town of Barlig. Luck was not on our side this time as we will wait for about four hours before the first trip to Barlig.

There were a lot of passengers so it meant that it is topload time for us. The weather is not so fine as it was noon so the sun was to generous in providing us too much heat.

We arrived at past 2'o clock in the afternoon and were a bit delayed because the trek is scheduled to be a five-hour hike but because it was already late that will take much longer. After registration at the local police, we started our journey without getting any guide. Of course, as warned by one of the policemen, we immediately get lost as we did not get into the right starting point but a friendly local led us to the right path. He instructed us just to follow the electric lines that will lead us right to the summit.

The peak holds communication towers of various broadcast channels so the path was more of designed for easy access by non-hikers. Some of the trail had wooden steps to ease the trek but it turned to be the other way around as it was slippery and wet that made us difficult to ascend.

Along the trail, there were also pine trees surrounding it just like in Mt. Pulag. The mountain was a staggering 2,700 MASL so the weather was cold and it was beginning to dark by the time we reached the view deck.

Even we were only four we were divided into two. Dada and I were the lead group while Sir Jau and his friend Michael were way behind. It turned out the latter suffered cramps and the former had to help him with his baggage.

Finally after the struggle of this night trek, we able to reach the summit around nine in the evening. When we arrived there, no one welcomed us and I should not elaborate how rude the kapamilya employees are when we got there. Tired and hungry, I went to the bunkhouse and tried to see if we can use it as a shelter for the evening. Turned out to be open so we force ourselves to occupy it. Without anymore energy, we went to sleep but an hour so we woke up when are two companions finally came.

The next day was one of my most beautiful mornings ever in my life. The sea of clouds formation all around the summit was breathtaking. How I envy those who work here as they can see this almost every day.

After breakfast, we hurriedly went back so we can catch the trip back to Bontoc. However, even the superfast sir Jau could not get there in time. But luck was on our side this time as a van going to Baguio will leave after lunch time. The driver agreed to let us ride with him. And we were fortunate to catch the 3 pm bus ride back to Manila.

Thank you sir dada for the pictures.

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