Friday, January 25, 2013

Flirting with Mt. Makiling

January 20, 2013

Los Baños, Laguna

Since I became a mountaineer, I always made UPLB synanimous to Mt. Makiling because that was the place where the said mountain can be located. In my three years of mountaineering, I never trek Mt. Makiling. I had a lot of invites but I turned down all of them due to my fear of limatiks (blood leeches). Now, that I conquered what I am afraid of, I am fully ready to do a Makiling Traverse or MakTrav as popularly known. However due to a fateful tragedy wherein two had died and discovered their bodies lying there, beforet the end of the year, the mountain was temporarily closed.

And so when I went to UPLB on a very fine Sunday morning to attend a christening, I was somehow frustrated of not trekking the mountain since I was already there. I just gazed upon her and thought that someday I'll have my chance to conquer her.

Eventhough I did not climb that day, it was fine with me because I had a wonderful time seeing the mountains around the area. Some were already been conquered and it was nice to see them in another perspective (of course all of this while I was having a delightful lunch).

After a while we decided to leave the reception and went back home. As told by my uncle to buy pasalubong in The Original Buko Pie, which according to him was famous due to its delicious and crusty pies. True enough, the line was long andI bought two boxes of buko pie in  store worth 150.00 each.

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