Thursday, January 10, 2013

Luzon 3-2-1: The Epic Saga Begins


It was March 2012 during my Akiki-Ambangeg climb in Mt. Pulag when I first heard of the Luzon 3-2-1 event. This consist of hiking the top three highest mountains of Luzon namely Timbak, Tabayok and Pulag. Coincidentally, they are all in Benguet, thus, making it possible to do. Then a crazy idea struck in my mind, I am doing this adventure later this year.

Fast forward or seven months later, here I was together with six other insane mountaineers embarking perhaps one of our hardest climb ever in our young lives as nature and adventure seekers.

Oct. 31, 2012

Imagine the irony of starting of that could be the scariest adventure of our life was on Halloween. In addition, due to a long holiday vacation, there were sea of people in the terminal. Fortunately, we already booked a ticket, one week ago. However, two of our companions had theirs on a much earlier departure time so they will wait for us in Baguio city.

Upon arriving in Baguio, we immediately felt the cold weather. Sir Vic and Kiko were already in the terminal when we arrived. Afterwards, we met our guide, sir Santiago.

November 1, 2012

Mt. Timbak
Atok, Benguet

As part of our Luzon 321 epic hike, we first conquered Mt. Timbac. Even though it is around 2,700 MASL, we had't trouble doing it. Actually, the jeepney we were riding almost brought us up to the top. From where it stopped, around 100-200 meters were done by foot. 

At the summit, there are three crosses symbolizing Calgary. Also, there is a grotto having an image of Mama Mary. The view there was great. The different mountains around Cordillera were visible in the naked eye. Because we have still a long day, we have to leave soon. 
After a long intense ride due to the rough roads, we went to the house of our driver so we can eat lunch. His wife prepared Pinikpikan for us. Unfortunately, I did not eat so much because of another climb that very afternoon.

Probably it was not a good idea but it turned out to be good as a hole. Compressing a 4 day saga into a 3 day epic is really an idiotic plan of mine but fortunately there were 6 other idiots who agreed to this not so brilliant plan.

Mt. Tambayok
Ballay, Benguet

At 2,800 something Meters Above Sea Level, we trekked it for about four hours. The trail was not the same as the normal path I usually take as it was small and lot of branches were on our path. Carrying a pack would make a trek here much harder, it was good that we left our bags on our jeepney. 
There were a lot of different plants and fruits around the area. Our guide even play with us offering a black berry that supposed to taste sweet. However when I taste, sweet was not traceable because it was bitter. Some who tasted it more said it was too spicy.
At the peak, there's nothing much than the trees covering it. There were no view unless one will reach the view deck.
We were done with the mountain at around 5 pm and we have more time to visit lake Bulalacao. The lake was solemnly quiet and peaceful. We had a glimpse of fish there. It was almost nightfall so head back to our transportation. 
Then we head off to Tawangan town to stay there for the night. We stayed at the Tawangan Coop house for just a hundred each. 

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