Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mt. Pulag with the USAP Mountaineers (Amba-Amba Trail)

November 25-26, 2012

Mt. Pulag
Kabayan, Benguet

It has been around twenty days when I have been here but Still I went back again this time with USAP Mountaineers. (Again because of the subsidy, well I feel like a pro) This will be my third time this year and my fourth over all. I am probably one of few idiots who have done the Akiki, Tawangan and Ambangeg trails in one year. 

Eighteen souls were able to join this journey. One of which is a first timer. How envy I was with him when we experienced the marvelous sunrise of Pulag. I waited two years for mine while he had just on his first time.

There were a lot of hikers going down because it was a Sunday. In fact, a couple of them were Ben's friends that we met in Batulao last July.

The weather up there was like the air conditioning temperature in our office but the problem was it was windy so there was an additional chill factor. That is why there were no socials that night. (Except the ones in our tent, of course)

The group woke up early so we can get to the summit by sunrise. By the time we reached the summit, the sun was still not up so we were able to enjoy the sun rise. Unlike the first time I saw the clouds, this was nothing like that only a few formation were visible so I was little bit disappointed. Then again, the clearing was great so it was still near perfect. 
We stayed there for awhile and head back to Camp 2. We had our breakfast and moved back to the Ranger Station. It took me only less than an hour to do so and it was a great achievement for me as well.

It was already six pm when we arrived to Baguio. Noli, Ben and Jhay-Ar accompanied me to a lovely dinner at Good Taste Restaurant. In fairness, its name implies to its food as it was delicious.

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