Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Kuya Tootz Birth Day Climb in Mt. Maculot

October 7-8, 2012

Mt. Maculot
Cuenca, Batangas

It took long before the EMPE LIGHT group made their comeback to the mountain but it was worth the wait. This was also a birthday climb of one of its member, Kuya Tootz. Being a good cook, I expected a lot of food to eat.

And of course, I was not disappointed as he brought tons of spaghetti with him. Oops, I was being fast. It was just that I've been there and nothing to talk about more about the mountain. The only new thing was the route we took. We took the Tambo exit bus and rode a jeepney enroute to Cuenca. We were there less than a couple of hours from Buendia.
Upon reaching the jump-off by noon, we had our lunch nearby. An hour later we went on our trek. There were seven of us and so it was just a manageable group to handle with. Still, Noli was our pacer even though he was carrying a 65 L bag for the first time while I was the sweeper who only packed light for this adventure.
Just a little over two hours we reached the campsite. After pitching the tents and settling ourselves there, we went to the Rockies just in time for the sunset.

Okay, going back to the food. Ai and Randy also made a surprised treat as they prepared pesto. See, we had a feast up there. In fact we also shared it to two other groups camping there.

Speaking of which, one group even join us in our sessions. The term "bitin" comes to mind whenever I remember them as our alcohol was not enough due to their presence.

The following day, we just prepared breakfast and then made our descend. It just took as an hour and settled for our while to tidy ourselves.

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