Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mt. Malipunyo Day Hike: My First Climb of 2013

"Don't judge a book by its cover." Yes, I know it sounds a broken record already but it simply sums up what bestowed in our dayhike in Mt. Malipunyo (Brgy. Talisay, Lipa City, Batangas) last Jan. 6, 2013. Before  anything first, let me tell how we got there in the first place.

The supposedly meet-up place was 4:00 am at Gil Puyat Ave. (Buendia) but I woke up 45 minutes after the said time. Instinctively, Sir Dada, his gf Gem and sir Joroz left without me and proceed to Fiesta Mall in Lipa, where Mike, had already went there via Alabang. Usually, some would back-out if my situation happened to them but not me. To cut the long story short, I was only half an hour late. (I took an express route to Lipa via Tambo Exit)

They waited for me at the front of SM City Lipa while they were ordering for their lunch. After a quick breakfast, we rode a trike for 20.00 each enroute to Brgy. Talisay.

jump-off point
 From there we alight at the barangay outpost. We looked for Miss Yolly for the registration (10.00) and hired us a guide as well (800.00).

No Solicitation Please. (Sir Joroz was looking for Ms. Yolly, the barangay secretary)
Pre-climb group shot (L-R) MIke, Phil, Joroz, Gem, and Dada

While waiting for Manang Yolly, a handicapped man was walking towards us and we jokingly said that he was our guide. It turned out that he was indeed our guide. Obviously, we were kind of startled upon hearing that shocking news but due to our unfamiliarity to the trail we have no choice but to hire his services. Mang Rey told us that we a victim of polio. Apolinario Mabini and Grace Padaca came into my mind as both were polio victims and it ease my worries. After all he was not bad at all as he knows the trail by heart. In fact, the great Sky Biscocho even named the river after him.

Barefooted. No Problem. Mang Rey, our polio-stricken guide, led our team to the summit.
 Half an hour before 9, we commenced our journey. After leaving the cemented road, we trekked a gradual trail for almost an hour until we reached the river. We rested there for awhile then had some pictures taken beside the falls.

Because it rained the day before, the trail was slippery due to  the mud and so we had some trouble to the summit. In addition, the Lipa plants that can cause itchiness to the skin were around the trails. Furthermore, there were trees that had thorns so they were deemed useless to grab on to. And so I conclude this was not an easy climb that I initially thought. A piece of advice, were proper clothing please.

Believe me, the ascent was not easy...
Teach me How to Dougie: A Very Disturbing Image.
Two hours into our trek, we reached Peak 1. According to Mang Rey, it serves an e-camp if sometimes they could not reach the summit by sunset. Then after an downhill-uphill affair we reached Peak 2. Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal are visible there. Afterwards, around noon we reached the summit after more than three hours of walking muddy terrain.

Andito na Kami. Group post at the summit.

We ate our lunch at the summit, which also serves as a campsite though it only holds about 5-6 tents at the most I presumed. At the summit, it doesn't have a full 360 degree view however, one can view each direction. There's the Banahaw Complex at one direction, Manabu Peak and Mt. Makiling at the other, Maculot on the other side, and I assumed Daguldol in the other direction. We had our customary photo sessions at the peak before we made our descend at around one in the afternoon. It might be my first time of not wanting to go down because of the slippery trail waiting for us. But going down is mandatory so we have no choice but to suffer the consequences.

Before reaching peak 1, we turned right and took a new trail to avoid the much slippery route. It was much safer but it was a long path that we might circled around the mountain. On that trail, we crossed the Climbing Buddies group that came from Manabu Peak.

Encounter with the Climbing Buddies

That trail led us back to the so called coffee plantation of Mang Rey, wherein he left his pair of slippers.  From there, we had little trouble of going down. Around 4 in the afternoon, we made it back safely in Mang Rey's home and relaxed while drinking coffee.

Kapeng Barako, anyone?!

  Meet The Fearless Five (F5)

Why so serious? Sir Mike: The 2nd Lead Photographer
The Team's Muse and our Lead Photographer's GF: Ma'am Gem
The Lead Photographer and the Climb Organizer: Sir Dada
The Uncut Version: Sir Joroz the SPG-rated Conversationalist
Taong Bundok! Di po si John Lloyd yan.. ako lang po yan... aka: the Storyteller

Yes, we end the day with a hearty meal of Lomi just adjacent at the Bus Terminal in Lipa.

Kakain na kami!!!


Alabang-Tambo Exit: 94.00
Jeep to Lipa: 8.00
Jeep to SM: 8.00
Trike to Talisay: 20.00
Reg. Fee: 10.00
Guide: 160.00 each (800.00 Guide fee)
Food and Drinks: 250.00
Trike to Lipa Bus Stop: 30.00
Bus to Alabang: 94.00

Total: 689.00

Thank you Sir Dada for the wonderful photos
Thank you to Mang Rey for guiding us and his funny antics
Thank you to Sir Mike, Sir Joroz, Sir Dada, and Ma'am Gem for waiting me and doing this climb with me from the bottom of my heart (sabi nga ni Mang Rey pati na rin sa atay at balon-balonan) Maraming Salamat Po!!!

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