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Luzon 3-2-1: The Epic Conclusion of the Saga in Ambangeg - Pulag

November 3, 2012

Mt. Pulag
Ambangeg, Benguet

Alas, the third day arrived. This was my much awaited day as it will be the easiest day of the sojourn and capped the highlight of this unforgettable saga.

Ah, did I ever mentioned that I have been here twice, and had no luck of seeing the sea of clouds formation. That is why I planned this insane Luzon 3-2-1 adventure so I have a sacrifice to accomplish my goal of seeing it. And the sacrifice was all worth it. 
Finally, all the efforts were rewarded well accordingly. The glorious sunrise everyone were bragging was on my both pair of eyes. Pretty much, I thought it was raining like my first two climbs there but it was only tears of joy coming from my own eyes. It was not majestic like I was hoping for but it was so close of being magnificent. In addition, luck was on my side as we tagged along a great photographer in Sir Vic.

Then we have to leave the summit and break camp at the saddle. It took us an hour to do so and we commenced our descend.
Broken knees or not, I had no choice but to go down. Even if it was the executive trail in Ambangeg, I had hard time to do so due to fatigue. And finally after a four hour trek from the saddle camp, I finally reached the Ranger Station and all of what happened (the limatik bites, the pain and hunger, the agony, etc.) are only a distant memory in the past.

We went to the DENR station and got our certificates in accomplishing this rare feat. Afterwards, we were off to Baguio city to catch our 11 pm bus. We arrived at the city of Pines around past seven in the evening. We had our dinner at downtown and I even saw one of my officemates there in Session Road.

And that was it. A somewhat extraordinary experience at its conclusion but it was all worth it. Thank you Sir Dada, Rein, Vic, Noli, Kiko and Kuya Tootz for accomplishing this difficult task with me. 

-The End-
The Magnificent (Insane) Seven
sir "sweet" Dada
Lead Hiker

sir Rein

Kuya Tootz

 sir Noli

Sweeper/ Photographer

sir Vic

The Kaladkarin

sir Kiko

The Culprit

sir Phil

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