Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mt. Batulao with the USAP Mountaineers

October 21-22, 2012

Mt. Batulao
Nasugbu, Batangas

Just days from my Boracay Weekday Getaway,, here I am climbing again. This time in my favorite mountain, Mt. Batulao. This will be my third time this year and sixth time overall. I really love Batulao because it indulges my appetite for mountains so to speak. Also, this hike was intended for a pre-climb preparation for our Mt. Pulag hike the next month. 

There were also first timers that joined us so I was happy because we all share something in common. Then I enjoyed this climb because I brought my director's chair with me.

The hike itself was like the usual. No new story to narrate except this was the first time I camped in the new trail campsite. And the weather is different this time of year as it was windy that not bringing my jacket was really a bad idea.

The club's initial plan was to reach the summit by sunrise but it did not fell through due to some circumstances. Nevertheless, we were able to reach it even though some of the members had a hard time. However, the most difficult part was trekking from the summit up to camp 8 of the old trail. I could not believe it took an hour to do it. Normally, it is only an 8 to 10 minute trek.

Beyond that point, everything was smooth sailing (or trekking). The hike from the old trail up to the jump-off was quite normal and fun as well except for some time when the sun is scorching with heat.

We took our lunch at my favorite side trip i.e. Mahogany Market where we ate Bulalo. (It was a pity I only consumed three bowl of rice)

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