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Mt. Manalmon the Third Time Around with the USAP Mountaineers

September 23, 2012

Mt. Manalmon
San Miguel, Bulacan

I've been here twice already this year and one might wonder why will I return here since that the last time was just almost a couple of months ago. This climb turned out to be the first ever subsidized hike by our company so it was not easy just to pass this opportunity.

Mt. Manalmon is like a hill that only boast a height of 196 MASL so I did not prepared hardly enough. Again I underestimated a mountain. Due to the rainy season, the water level of the river rose than before so crossing the river is much harder as the use of a rope is needed in order to reach the other side. Then the trail is much muddier than expected so I had hard time and even fell down a couple of times. One of the guides even lend me his sandals.

We took the gradual trail towards the summit so it was easy for the guys to make their ascend. Upon reaching the camp site, some went to the summit while the others like me made their rest.

After having lunch, we had the customary pictures at the peak and then went back this time taking the steep path. We took a break at the river separating Gola and Manalmon. Too bad they missed the butterflies that I saw the previous time I went there.

Just as about we reached the registration site, all of them except me made a stop at the Madlum Cave for some pictorials. When they came later, I took their pictures one by one each as soon as they approached me.

A few tried the monkey bridge and some went swimming in the river while others just refreshed themselves with "refreshments".

Before the we called it a day, one fellow hiker treated us dinner in a pizza parlor along the expressway.

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