Thursday, January 10, 2013

Weekday Getaway in Boracay

October 16-18, 2012

Boracay Island
Caticlan, Aklan

A six month in the making. That took so long for this much awaited vacation. Together with my office mate RC, we booked a flight last February for a much needed escapade. Finally, it came and we were excited. This is what I needed to be away from work as well as in the mountains. 
Our flight was destined for Caticlan so it was okay that the time was on the afternoon. But after experiencing the trip, I well promised not to ride small planes anymore because of the turbulence I experienced that I can compare from fast buses in EDSA. I only feel safe and secure after we landed in the airport. 
It was kind of getting dark when we check-in our hotel so we never find time to enjoy the sunset. After settling in, we look for somewhere to eat then we walked around the shorelines of the island.

The island was not packed as it was only a weekday. There were a bunch of foreigners there, mostly Koreans. The sand was crisp and fine but I liked the sand in Caramoan better. After some drinks, we called it a night.

The next day was full of activities for us. I woke up early, went straight to the beach and swum as it was no tomorrow. An hour later, I returned to the room and prepared for the day's scheduled of activities.

The first of which is parasailing. Oh boy, i have been to a lot of high places but this 150 MASL experience was like an out of the body experience. It was windy so I really felt we have been higher than that. However, I was thrilled to do it but vowed not to do it again.
The next thing we did was riding an ATV. At first I thought it would be difficult but turned out to be easy like riding a bike. The first stop was a mountain, yes a mountain. It was an easy hike because it had steps like a stairway to heaven. Then the final stop is an animal farm that features a huge crocodile. Too bad it was sleeping. 
After taking lunch the agenda was island hopping but I passed that chance so that I can take a rest and sleep for awhile.

When evening came, again we drink some refreshments. It even ended at the wee hours of the morning. As a matter of fact, I even take a dip at the beach probably wasted.

The following day was the inevitable. It is the last day. The day we return to Manila and return to our usual selves. Our flight was in Kalibo so we have to leave the island by noon and ride the boat to Caticlan and the take a van to Kalibo. We arrive early there but had lunch in the mall and went straight and waited in the airport. 

A life away from problems was short lived but I hoped to have an opportunity to do it once again.

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