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Maculot - Manabu Twin Dayhike

December 2, 2012

Mt. Maculot
Cuenca, Batangas

I have been here already twice but this one is different because I, together with Dennis, will embark a twin dayhike at Maculot and Manabu Peak.  It was long weekend for me and a little bit bored at our house so I accept my companion's request of a dayhike. Now I regret partially of accepting it.

I lost my cell phone while we were on our way to the jump-off point. It was already a bad omen and still we continue on our plan. At first, it was hard to swallow the fact that I lost my phone but I had no choice to accept it the fact that I am now cell-phone less again. 

As I said this one is different because I have reached the tongue of the Rockies for the first time and also the other side of the Rockies. 
We did not took much time up there as we have another mountain to conquer later that afternoon. However, along the trail down hill we rested  a bit because we cannot pass on the opportunity to chat with fellow hikers. A trio of climbers were only on their second time and their previous climb was a  only week apart.

Then we took our lunch at one of the place around the jump-off. By noon, we were off to out next destination.

Mt. Manabu
Sto. Tomas, Batangas

We went to Lipa so we can ride the trike en route to the jump-off. But before that we had to pick up one late entry to the climb. This is one of the perks of this hobby, is meeting new people. Our guest used to be as hardcore like me. She has been to many tough mountains as well. I only dream of those while she already conquered it. Knowing her, enticed me a little bit to conquer those mountain as well.

Upon reaching Manabu, we were the only ones who are making the ascend. Upon the fork trail, we opted for the Grotto route so we accomplish all the routes of this mountain. Compared to the traditional trail, it is much harder because of its steepness. Then the sun started to show up when we reached the grasslands as well up to the summit. 

Even were a little time conscious, we still able to afford a long stay at the top. Probably we all enjoyed taking pictures there. 
Then its time to leave. Of course we drop by to Mang Pirying's place. Nobody was around but Dennis made himself at home by offering himself coffee. Afterwards, we were able to reach the jump-off just before sunset. 

We were even able to catch the arrival of the missing couple who had gone to Malipunyo without any guide. They were missing for almost a day now making the locals worried. Fortunately, they found their way back home. And so do we, of course.

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