Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mt. Pulag Itinerary (Ambangeg Trail)

Mt. Pulag
Bokod, Benguet

Day 0
2300 Take bus to Baguio City

Day 1

0500 ETA Baguio City. Proceed to jeepney terminal/chartered jeep.
0700 Breakfast
0930 ETA Visitors' Center. Registration / Orientation
1030 Set out for Ranger Station
1130 ETA Ranger. Start trek
1230 ETA Camp 1; Lunch
1430 ETA Camp 2. Set up camp
1800 Dinner
1900 Socials

Day 2
0430 Early morning trek to summit for sunrise
0545 Arrival at summit just in time for sunrise
0700 Start descent from summit
0800 Back at Camp 2; heavy breakfast
0900 Decamp; start descent to Ranger Station
1130 Back at Ranger; Settle guide fees; jeepney descent
1230 Back at Visitors' Center; tidy up and log out
1400 Head back to Baguio City
1700 ETA Baguio City. Dinner.
1900 Head back to Manila

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